On Wednesday 21 September, at 19:00 at the Real Cercle Artístic (C/ dels Arcs, 5, BCN) the first day of the 2022 Defense Models Seminar will be held. This will address the proposals for defense forces for an independent Scotland .

This year we will start with Scotland , a country that has been observed from Catalonia for its independence movement. However, their proposals on defense policy have never been mentioned – something absent in the programs of the successive Catalan independence governments.

The guest will be Lieutenant Colonel (retired) Stuart Crawford, a veteran of the 1st Gulf War, an officer of the 4th Royal Tank Regiment, with General Staff courses at Fort Leavenworth (USA) and Camberley (UK). He currently works as a security and defense consultant, as well as a columnist for specialized military newspapers and publications.

Together with Richard Marsh, in 2012 they published a proposal on what the future Scottish Defense Forces should look like , should the 2014 referendum succeed. This proposal was published by the prestigious Royal United Services Institute.