Crawford’s International Defence Review w/c 22nd August 2022

Nuclear Scaremongering

  • “should  Britain prepare for a nuclear war”.
  • There’s a difference between strategic nuclear weapons and tactical ones.
    • Strategic nukes have a huge explosive potential, many times that of those dropped by the US on Japan at the end of the Second World War.
    • Tactical nukes have a much lower yield, although still powerful, and are designed to have effect on the battlefield when conventional weaponry has not achieved the desired results.
  • Any use of nuclear weapons would lead to NATO’s intervention, confrontation between USA & Russia – Russia would lose and lose badly.
  • Putin might authorise the use of nukes in the face of an existential threat to the very existence of Russia. There is no current existential threat to the Russian state at he moment
  • I think it unlikely Putin will employ tactical nuclear weapons and those predicting it are scaremongering and need to stop.


  • Salman Rushdie’s stabbing has been condemned as an attack on freedom of speech except in Iran have suggested that Rushdie brought it on himself.
  • Once again Iran finds itself at odds with the rest of the world & vying for most toxic pariah state with North Korea and Syria.
  • Let’s rememeber the size of the Islamic Republic of Iran, to give it its proper title
    • it comprises 1,648,195 square kilometres, so is the 2nd largest country in the Middle East behind Saudi Arabia.
    • A population of approximately 85 million, which makes it the 17th most populated country in the world.
    • It has a large armed force, comprising Iranian regular armed forces & the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps.
    • Iranian military supports various allies and groups in Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon, and has developed its own indigenous weapons industry.
    • Iran has entered an agreement with Russia to supply drones for use in the Ukraine War.
  • Iran is the sworn enemy of the USA & Israel, and has called for the destruction of Israel.
  • Watch this space – at some point the USA will have to take the Iranian regime on militarily if it wishes to secure peace in the region.

Diversity in the UK Armed Forces

  • The Royal Air Force (RAF) has halted recruitment of white applicants in an attempt to meet their diversity targets.
  • The RAF has long been at the forefront of the woke, right-on policies to the embarrassment of some of its members- a major promoter of Gay Pride, quick to accede to personnel sporting beards & now it’s espousing positive discrimination
  • Years ago I was at the University of Glasgow on a Ministry of Defence (MOD) sponsored research fellowship researching race relations within the British army. My report found the army to be institutionally racist & my report to the MoD was duly buried.,
  • I have long been an advocate of equality of opportunity within Britain’s armed services, & 25 years ago I wrote an article where I saw no good reason why females could not be part of my tank crew.
  • The editor phoned me up to say that he couldn’t possibly publish as “the idea was preposterous”.
  • I’m reminded of what Canadian psychologist Prof. Jordan Peterson called the “Scandinavian paradox” – equality of opportunity does not necessarily equate to equality of outcome.
  • Our armed services exist to protect the state and it doesn’t matter a jot whether our servicemen and women are white, black, green, red, religious, atheists, gay, straight or elsewhere on the LGBT spectrum. All that matters is that they’re up to doing the job.

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