Highway Code: UK drivers warned over four driving law changes in the UK.

Drivers are urged to keep up to date with the latest changes or risk fines.

Changes include:

  • Mobile Phone Usage It is now illegal for UK motorists to use their mobile phones for any purpose, even when stopped at a red light. Those caught could be landed with a £200 fine and six points on their licence. New drivers ie those who have passed their test within two years could lose their licence entirely.
  • Clean Air Zones / Low Emission Zones Several cities across the UK including Bristol, Manchester and Newcastle  have introduced Clean Air Zones / Low Emission Zones to help the air quality in the local area and reduce harmful emissions.  Check the type and age of your vehicle to see if you will be charged a fee for travelling within the Clean Air Zone.
  • Speed Limiters  All new cars are to be fitted with a speed limiter which will restrict the engine power. Drivers will still be held responsible for sticking to the speed limit.  The speed limiters are designed to improve road safety and are another step forward in the development of self-driving cars in the UK.
  • Transporting goods into Europe  Drivers will now need a licence to carry goods for hire/reward into the EU or Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.  The standard international goods vehicle licence will be required for light good vehicles, vans, and cars/vans towing trailers.

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