Crawford’s International Defence Review w/c 29th August 2022


w/c 29th August 2022



Red Arrows – or poisoned culture?

  • reputation has been trashed by reports of a “toxic culture”
  • “met roulette” – too far fetched?
  • self-marking their own performances
  • bullying or sexual harassment unacceptable
  • There are no bad regiments, just bad commanding officers

Ukraine Update 

  • 6 month’s on since the invasion
  • Boris welcomed as a bit of a returning hero
  • US aid would appear to be in the region of $10 million to date
  • But surpassed by the Baltic states, Poland, and Norway

The UK Military and the Media

  • Today’s military still is unwilling to work with the media
  • military likes to operate on a “need to know” basis
  • But media believes the public has a right to know – immediately
  • the military has only half-embraced social media.
  • It sees it still as a one-way media
  • This has to change – if the military doesn’t listen what hope is there?

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