Defence Review.UK w/c5th September 2022


New Prime Minister Truss commits to additional £147 billion Defence spend over next 8 years

  •  Britain’s defence forces are at a historical low
  • Royal Navy needs more submarines & surface &,
  • Royal Air Force needs more F-35Bs, Typhoons, and tactical lift aircraft,
  • Army is short of everything; currently reducing another 9,500 troops to a total of 72,500.

In the Navy

  •  Officer suing Navy claims he’s victim of religious discrimination by being made to work on Trident
  • £3 billion aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales to return to dry dock indefinitely!
  • Defence Secretary, Ben Wallace, hints future of Navy may depend more upon submarines than ships

Ukraine “Counter-Offensive”

  •  Ukrainians trying to isolate Russian forces from the city of Kherson
  • Signs that Ukrainians regaining the initiative in Donbas
  • But Autumn brings rains and mud rendering impassable hampering both sides
  • War will last through coming winter and well into 2023.

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