New PM’s priorities – Britain the aspiration nation

  • Britain to be an Aspiration Nation
  • Economy
  • Energy
  • NHS

In her first speech outside Number 10 as PM, Liz Truss has said her government would “transform Britain into an aspiration nation” and that “together we can ride out the storm”.

With many being forced to choose between heating or eating the pressure is on to tackle spiralling energy costs. A package is expected to be announced within days.

Liz Truss listed three immediate priorities:

  • The economy: the focus will be on “getting Britain working again” with a “bold plan to grow the economy through tax cuts and reform”. The new PM said she would “cut taxes to reward hard work and boost business-led growth and investment” as part of the mission to “get the United Kingdom working, building and growing”. In addition, Liz Truss said she would “make sure that we are building hospitals, schools, roads and broadband”
  • Energy:Liz Truss said she would “deal hands on with the energy crisis caused by Putin’s war” and “take action this week to deal with energy bills and to secure our future energy supply”
  • The NHS: The PM said she would ensure that people could get doctors’ appointments, and access to the NHS services they need. “We will put our health service on a firm footing”

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