DefenceReview.UK w/e 16th September 2022

HRH Queen’s Funeral is a military affair

  •  Britain’s military heavily involved in HRH’s funeral arrangements
  • 1,500 personnel from all three services
  • Cortege route will be mine swept by Army & RAF units
  • Army sniper teams & armed soldiers to disrupt or destroy drones

Ukraine War: Rapid Advances in the Donbas

  •  Ukraine is winning & Russia is losing.
  • Ukrainian army on the offensive in Donbas Kherson in the south
  • whole of the Kharkiv Oblast recovered
  • Russian forces lose 00s of aircraft & helicopters, 000s of tanks & fighting vehicles, & 00000s of soldiers
  • Russians abandon Kherson or being trapped & forced to surrender

Russia Buys Weapons Abroad

  •  Russia has used 35% of ammunition stocks in just over 6 months
  • Now trying to buy Soviet era 122mm & 152mm ammunition on world markets – but shortages force
  • Russia to try to buy from North Korea
  • drones & unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) from Iran




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