Want to lose weight? Embrace the cold!

The temperature has dropped and winter is looming but it’s time to turn down the central heating and leave your coat at home. Research into brown adipose tissue (BAT) is growing as a means of managing weight and preventing weight related disorders such as type 2 diabetes. There is a growing understanding that BAT isContinue reading “Want to lose weight? Embrace the cold!”

Hydration sensation by Dr. Sarah Schenker

 Proper hydration is crucial for overall health. Are you getting it right? Dr Sarah Schenker, Dietician, Liiv Health Sciences, answers key questions.  Q: How much liquid should an adult woman drink every day? A: The European Food Safety Authority recommends women in general should have a minimum intake of two litres of water per day,Continue reading “Hydration sensation by Dr. Sarah Schenker”

Collagen – Glow for it by Dr. Sarah Schenker

Collagen. It’s key to supple skin but declines as we age. Now Liiv has an easy way to give your beauty a boost.  When it comes to smooth, glowing skin, collagen is a star performer. It provides a firm support structure, as well as a cushioning effect. In fact, approximately 80 per cent of skin’sContinue reading “Collagen – Glow for it by Dr. Sarah Schenker”

Understanding the key stages of a woman’s life by Dr. Sarah Schenker

Women are powerful. Whether they’re studying, working, parenting, caring for elderly relatives or looking after grandchildren, they are key influencers when it comes to health – not just their own but that of their families, communities and even future generations. So much so, the Global Nutrition Summit held in Milan in 2017 underlined that aContinue reading “Understanding the key stages of a woman’s life by Dr. Sarah Schenker”

Viking announces May 2021 restart of limited operations with domestic UK voyages

Three Special Ocean Sailings for UK Guests Will Explore England’s Scenic Shores “to celebrate the fact we have a British godmother—the esteemed broadcaster and journalist Anne Diamond—we have chosen to name our new ship, Viking Venus, in the UK on 17 May,” said Torstein Hagen, Chairman of Viking. London, 16 March 2021: Viking® (www.viking.com) announcedContinue reading “Viking announces May 2021 restart of limited operations with domestic UK voyages”