What Just Happened In Kherson?

  Just last week the world watched agog as Russian forces abandoned Kherson city and withdrew to the eastern bank of the Dnipro river, destroying the bridges behind them to prevent any pursuit. From the announcement of the planned withdrawal by the Russian authorities on the ninth of the month, until their declaration that theyContinue reading “What Just Happened In Kherson?”

Poland Missile Attack: Who Is To Blame and What Happens Next?

  The meeting of the G20 political leaders on Bali in Indonesia has just ended, but the agenda in its final hours was very definitely hijacked by the missile strike in Poland that killed two people. Accusations over who might or might not be responsible have flown hither and thither, but at time of writingContinue reading “Poland Missile Attack: Who Is To Blame and What Happens Next?”

Russian Missiles Hit Poland: Does NATO Respond?

  News just breaking tells us that two Russian missiles, presumably part of the barrage of 100 launched today against Ukraine, have landed in Poland and may have killed two people. This is serious stuff; Poland is a member of NATO. Why serious? Because Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty, the very bedrock ofContinue reading “Russian Missiles Hit Poland: Does NATO Respond?”

Is The Russian Army “Quiet Quitting”?

  w/c 14th November 2022 The concept of “quiet quitting” has enjoyed some popularity in the media of late. It means, as I understand it, doing just enough to fulfil your employment contract but no more. No staying late at night or coming in early, and certainly no working at weekends. It’s the revenge ofContinue reading “Is The Russian Army “Quiet Quitting”?”