Inquiry Into SAS Operations

The UK’s Ministry of Defence has proposed that there should be a judge-led inquiry into allegations of illegal killings of Afghan men in Afghanistan in 2010-11 by the SAS. This follows the broadcast by the BBC’s Panorama programme entitled “SAS Death Squads Exposed”, a journalistic investigation of the activities of that particular unit at theContinue reading “Inquiry Into SAS Operations”

Defence Select Committee Report

Westminster’s Defence Select Committee has just published its report into the Government’s Integrated Defence and Security Review, which was published back in March 2021 before the withdrawal from Afghanistan and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Their report is highly critical of the Review in several areas. First and foremost it notes that it has notContinue reading “Defence Select Committee Report”

Crawford’s International Defence Review w/e 29th July 2022

Ukraine Update Multiple sources are now reporting that the war in Ukraine is about to enter a new phase. Speculation is mounting that Ukraine is on the cusp of mounting a strategic counter-offensive in the south with the aim of retaking the Kherson oblast and threatening the Russian occupation of Crimea, which they annexed inContinue reading “Crawford’s International Defence Review w/e 29th July 2022”

Righting wrongs

There are many injustices that do not get the media attention they deserve. Andrew Eborn, International Lawyer & Broadcaster, is on a mission to right wrongs and shine a light on particular issues that battle often alone RIGHTING WRONGS – INFECTED BLOOD SCANDAL During the 1970s and 1980s patients with various blood disorders around the world including inContinue reading “Righting wrongs”