Russo-Ukraine War: The Need For Operational Security

In the first significant action of 2023, carried out on New Year’s Day, Ukrainian forces attacked Russian troops in the occupied region of Donetsk using the HIMARS rocket system supplied by the west. The strike hit a building in the city of Makiivka where Russian soldiers were housed with four to six missiles, causing carnage.Continue reading “Russo-Ukraine War: The Need For Operational Security”

We house our servicemen in squalor – where is the outcry?

The current cold snap has caught the UK out once again, as it seems to do every winter, with widespread travel disruption, increased pressure on health services, and so on. The situation has hardly been helped by the wave of strikes that has happened at the same time, as disgruntled workers across the board takeContinue reading “We house our servicemen in squalor – where is the outcry?”

Who is supplying the weapons to Ukraine – the latest Defence Review podcast

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