Breakfast Is Important

As the old saying says….”breakfast like a King, lunch like a Prince, and dine like a pauper…….” Well I agree. Speaking personally I know that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for me. I MUST HAVE BREAKFAST.

Even when I was up at 4.15am in preparation for my work on BBC TV’s Breakfast Time programme, I couldn’t leave the house without it! It sets me up for the day.

I have a similar breakfast every morning. It’s nutritious and suited to my everyday requirements. It also provides much of my “5 a day” beneficial fruits and vegetables.
My breakfast begins with a freshly squeezed orange juice. This is the time when I take any supplements I consider necessary to keep me in tip top health. Presently I am popping Glucosomine (joints), Osteocare (bones), and Multivitamin with BioSynergy’s Collagen (skin and general wellbeing)

After my healthy cocktail I fill my bowl with my own pre-mix of muesli, bran flakes, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, currents, nuts and raisins. To my bowl I then add…..

• Fresh blackberries
• “ Blueberries (anti-oxidants)
• “ Raspberries
• “ Strawberries etc (other seasonal fruits) (vit C)
• Plus 1 small chopped banana (potassium)

This glorious mix is washed down with 2 cups of coffee. At weekends this will be freshly ground. But during the working week is more likely to be instant coffee. Then – I am ready to face the world!

Breakfast provides me with the necessary “kick start” to my day. The muesli mix of bran, raisins, and nuts contains complex carbohydrates. Therefore I am provided with a constant drip of energy all morning – right the way through to lunch time. Should I miss breakfast I am a misery and less able to work and concentrate!
(This is a rare occurrence)

When I am away on working cruises or relaxing on holiday I still continue with the familiar breakfast. But I can be tempted to add something special on offer at the Breakfast Table. This usually takes the form of kippers or crispy bacon and tomatoes.

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