Tips For Health And Happiness

My rules for staying healthy are

    • be as physically active as possible
    • eat a well balanced and varied diet of fresh foods
    • be thankful and happy

My recipe for happiness is

  • keep in touch with family and friends
  • listen to and be interested in younger people
  • keep an open mind

Being fit adds a buzz to my everyday life.   I try to be active for at least ½ hour most days a week.   Often it’s more.   I like to walk, cycle, play tennis, ski and enjoy gardening.  I take the opportunity to be active anytime, anywhere and for as long as I can.  And if I am in the company of friends so much the better – we motivate one another!

As for my diet first and foremost I must have breakfast!  Mine consists of freshly squeezed orange juice followed by my home mix of muesli – which also contains nuts and dried fruit, to which I add sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, bran and wheat germ.  I always chop up a small Caribbean banana and add some fresh fruits such as blueberries, raspberries or strawberries on top.  I have one cup of fresh coffee.

I like to think my well balanced, varied and nutritious diet will provide me with most essential vitamins and minerals.   However I take Calcichew (calcium plus vit D) to help my bones and prevent osteoporosis, and various other supplements should I feel my diet is temporarily lacking.  I often include vitamin E for my skin and Glucosamine for joints.

My favourite food is a lightly grilled or poached fresh fish (caught locally) accompanied by masses of fresh vegetables, followed by fresh fruit and natural yogurt.  But I too do have weaknesses the greatest being a bar of dark chocolate – once I start it I find it hard to finish!   However, I did read recently that dark chocolate is beneficial and contains ingredients which give the “feel good factor”.  Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

And I do enjoy a drink or two Champagne is without doubt my favourite.   However, as the budget doesn’t too often stretch that far I most often drink white wine – sauvignon Blanc or gewürztraminer.  Both have a peculiarly fruity “gooseberry” flavour.   Eme (herbal) is my favourite non-alcoholic drink..

For pampering I enjoy complimentary therapies and treatments such as Swedish massage, Aromatherapy and Reflexology.   Both massages improve circulation, help the body relax and improve the lymphatic drainage system.  I particularly enjoy having my feet massaged and find it most relaxing and soothing.  The reflexologist can detect areas of the body under stress as she works on your feet – and uses and manipulates the corresponding pressure points in the foot to improve the stressed areas.

I like routines and my daily beauty routine consists of regular cleansing and feeding of the skin.   I use Olay’s range of Pro-vital face creams to cleanse, moisturise my skin by day and feed it at night (I was the worldwide “mature face” of Oil of Ulay for the products launch for TV and magazine ads).   I use Lancôme’s products including Primordial Optimum Levres for dry lips, a light foundation, transparent matt powder, and Definicils (non-waterproof) for mascara.  And I exfoliate my face once a week with Exfoliance Douceur.  Boots ranges of eye shadows are excellent and I use YSL Touche Eclat for covering dark under eyes or blemishes.  I finish with a light dusting of St Tropez highlighter for a healthy, natural looking glow to cheeks and forehead.

To relax I enjoy my hobby painting (in both oils and water colours).   I live by the river and have a constant source of inspiration.  At home I enjoy reading, sewing, gardening and messing about in boats.

My greatest regret in life is not having my mother to share my joys and confide my fears to.   She died prematurely, without warning when I was a teenager from a cerebral haemorrhage and I was to find her dead on the bathroom floor.   It was a tragedy I adored her and still miss her dreadfully.  As a mother of two sons and a grandmother of 4 grandchildren I can still stay awake at night worrying, as all parents do, about their health, happiness and safety.  Being computer literate keeps me in touch with the grandchildren, their fashions, fads and interests, keeps my brain active and influences my opinion of the modern world.

Having been divorced some years ago I nowadays find myself single, happy, healthy and active.  I’m fortunate in having a fascination and love of people plus a curiosity about places and a real desire to travel and see the world.   I love to visit family and friends and to make new acquaintances.  Luckily I am often invited to lecture aboard cruise ships, and am currently cruising on a beautiful P&O liner as I type this!  I regularly work as a fitness consultant and run master classes at health resorts, including 2 favourites in the Caribbean islands of St Lucia and Grenada.

I get a great deal of satisfaction from working hard but work has had its embarrassing moments.  One particular incident comes to mind which occurred in my role as “The Green Goddess” on BBC TV’s Breakfast Time.  This particular early morning’s work-out was held on the courts of the upmarket Roehampton Tennis Club in London.  I had co-erced my participants, the majority men, to do deep knee bends in time to the music whilst lined up and holding onto the net.  Given my cue to wind up my morning’s work-out I made my final (and innocent) piece to camera,  With a big smile I thanked the Roehapmton Club and said – “Well, as you can see – it’s not only their balls bouncing on the courts this morning – it’s their members too”!   Oh yes – a final tip – its essential to have a sense of humour too!

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