Getting Over Divorce

Breaking up is a hard and emotionally draining experience, getting over the ex is difficult and sometimes appears to be impossibility.  Although your self esteem will be at rock bottom it’s a unique opportunity to turn the negative into a positive by giving you the chance for change and improvements to the way you look and feel about yourself.  Use this to take stock and learn ways to boost your self-confidence.  Make the most of your assets, adopt a new attitude, keep an open mind and have a determined attitude to start again.  Who knows – perhaps the best is yet to come!  Here are a few hints to help you achieve this:

  1. Wash that man right out of your hair!
  • New “hair do’s” work wonders
  • Spoil yourself and take professional advice
  • Get ideas from magazines
  • Change style, cut and shape
  • Consider new colour/highlights
  • Don’t do things yourself
  • Don’t go totally wild
  1. Consider the shape you’re in
  • Remove your clothes and take a look at yourself naked in the mirror
  • Be honest about yourself!
  • Note your assets and emphasise good points with clothes and accessories – draw attention to them
  • See the bad points – disguise and detract from weighty areas with loose clothes and dark tones.
  • Lose your inhibitions be individual, experiment and wear what you like
  • Be bold with colours they can lift your mood
  • Choose a healthy eating plan in order to lose weight and fit into clothes
  • Cut down on animal fats, eat more fish, fruits and vegetables
  • Join a gym or club – take a friend with you for encouragement
  • Tone up your body and get rid of the flab
  • Be more active in your everyday life
  • Walk energetically in the fresh air – puff a little and improve your stamina
  1. Face the facts
  • Pamper and love yourself a little
  • Have a professional skin treatment/facial
  • Book a make-up session in local salon or store and take advice
  • Wax or sugar legs/underarms/facial hair
  • Book a massage/aromatherapy/reflexology
  • Learn to relax – try Yoga
  • Have a manicure and pedicure – paint nails

4 The New You:

  • Rearrange your house around as you like it
  • Surround yourself with your favourite things
  • Book a holiday
  • Contact your old friends
  • Re-establish your girl friends
  • Arrange girlie nights out
  • Take up new interests
  • Go on activity weekends – do things you’ve always wanted to do!
  • Get out of the rut you are in, please yourself, not others
  • Throw out your inhibitions, release the wild woman!
  • Be brave – try the unknown
  • Don’t look back – look forward

5 The Dating Game

  • Consider join a dating agency or go online
  • Ask girlfriends advice about a possible date, consider taking a friend with you
  • Wise up on modern dating – things have changed
  • Don’t overdress on first date
  • Don’t give away secrets – maintain mystique
  • Don’t moan about your ex
  • Consider “going Dutch” Pay your way – no obligations
  • Arrange your transport home in advance
  • Don’t get carried away on first date and don’t take your date home
  • Be prepared for surprises
  • Be the woman you always wanted to be
  • Rediscover the romantic you
  • When you are ready for love – use protection!

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