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For me there is nothing worse than a bad hair day, it affects my mood and my confidence! I find it pays to look after my locks as best I can by investing in a good hair cut, reviewing the colour and condition and by eating healthily.

But many hair products contain harsh chemicals, which can damage hair by stripping it of natural oils so it pays to read the list of ingredients on the bottle and to choose gentler, natural products. Hair can suffer from product build-up, the residue from styling or conditioning products, gels and pomades which leave it heavy and lank. If this is your problem use a clarifying shampoo to remove excess product.

Fine hair can look lank and oily so use a mild shampoo which does not contain conditioner. After shampooing I find it beneficial to use a cream conditioner on ends only and I don’t leave it on for long. Products containing lanolin, silicone or oils are too heavy for fine hair but you can add volume by using a protein conditioner.

Bleaching, perming or colouring hair weakens its structure. Heated rollers, hair dryers, curling tongs or straightening equipment can sap moisture and cause damage, so best to use the medium heat setting to prevent this. Over exposure to the suns ultraviolet rays and the wind and rain will cause havoc to coloured or over processed hair by roughening up the hair cuticles. If this is your problem – cover up!

Salt, chlorine or sweat must be rinsed out of hair after swimming or a work out. Wet hair is vulnerable and frequent use of rough brushes or combs will cause damage. If your hair is fragile avoid nylon bristle brushes which are the worst culprits for damaging hair. Hair is easily split or broken off by sharp hairclips, hair accessories or hair bands. Never be tempted to use rubber bands as an alternative because they tear the hair. Mousse or hairspray applied to roots only will add volume, and you can add life to dull hair by using a little spray or shine.

A good hair cut works wonders on split ends and a new style and cut can add volume and bounce to tired hair and lifts the spirit! So too will a head massage, which stimulates the scalp, improves circulation to the roots, and encourages hair growth.

Hair reflects your health so to help you look good and feel great drink lots of water, eat fresh foods, fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and cereals. These foods contain necessary vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants which help to maintain healthy scalp and restore hair to its shining glory.

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