Healthy Retirement

So you have finally retired and are looking forward to the years ahead enjoying the fruits of your labour.  Well now is a good opportunity to think about yourself, your health in particular and a time to review your habits. Your lifestyle will probably now change dramatically and you may need to make a few adjustments in order to maintain good health and enjoy the increase in life expectancy.

Because of retirement your calorie requirements are likely to be less than before, especially if you are not so active as you were previously.  So watch what you eat and cut down on your calorie intake to avoid piling on the pounds. You may find that you sit down more than you did because you do not have to rush and travel to work every day.   Consequently, your metabolism may become more sluggish, and your entire system slower.   As a result your circulation and lymphatic drainage system could be less efficient, and this can result in slightly swollen ankles.

It’s essential to maintain your future good health by being as physically active as you can be.  So garden more, play sport, swim or go dancing and assuming you will have more time on your hands, make certain you walk as much as possible. An hour’s brisk walk – five times a week – will improve your heart and lung efficiency, your circulation and help keep your weight down.   By maintaining your physical independence for as long as possible you will be able to enjoy retireemnt for many more years to come.

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