Wind Down And Chill Out

It’s time to wind down and chill out because make no mistake, stress is ageing. Clenched muscles restrict circulation, inhibit breathing and suppress the body’s immune system making it more vulnerable to disease. Plus, a stressed face looks older! Fight it by finding space in each day to dedicate to quiet time. I do this simple meditation to relax and refresh both my body and mind.

Wear something loose, comfortable and warm.
Sit upright, with one or both legs bent at knee and relaxed with feet comfortably on the floor, hands resting on knees, thumbs lightly touching second fingers and eyes closed.
Start by breathing in through the nose deep into the abdomen then slowly out through the mouth to the count of two at first, then building to four. As you do so, take yourself off to somewhere soothing and special. My vision is the perfectly cobalt ocean in the Caribbean Island of St Lucia, the waves crashing and rolling rhythmically up the beach. Let yourself see, hear and feel it too – the soft breeze, the warmth of the sun.

Try and stay like this for at least 15 minutes – 30 if you have time. Then come to slowly. Gently shake your limbs, open your eyes take a couple of deep breaths and ease yourself back into your day.

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