Be Happy, Healthy and Wise

February is the second and shortest month in the Gregorian calendar with only 28 days in common years, and 29 days in leap years. The birthstone for February is the beautiful amethyst, which symbolizes piety, humility, spiritual wisdom and sincerity.

Wintertime Is No Excuse For Hibernation

Summer 2014 was just fabulous here in the UK but all too soon the inclement weather is once again upon us, so it’s time to prepare our bodies for the onslaught! Caring for our skin, particularly facial skin is vital during the winter, both men and women need protection from the extreme temperatures and over exposure to cold winds and rain. Indoors the heat and dryness of fires and central heating during the winter months are hard on our skin.

Sleep Is The Best Medication

I need more than a cat nap! But how do I explain to my cat Maisie that I need more than a cat nap to operate efficiently! As Summer Time dawn breaks she wakes me, with a gentle paw tap to my nose, having spent the night curled up on my bed. But it’s far too early in the morning! Not getting enough sleep doesn’t just make me tired but it impacts on my mood, performance, concentration – and of great importance, the way my body repairs itself. Consistent sleep-deprivation reduces my body’s ability to maintain the processes required for muscle tissue, growth hormone and repairs – which occur during sleep.

Putting A Spring In Your Step

The late great, Marilyn Monroe once said, “Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world.”

Well, with the warmer weather here [honestly!] it’s time to get out and put a spring in our step. I tend to think flat shoes are good for my feet. So, I’ve kicked off my heavy winter boots and am now in light fashionable ballet pumps. But these have thin soles and offer little support and indeed can change the way I walk and encourage my arches to drop. [note to self: – maybe they’re why I’m feeling aches and pains in my knees and back? Everyday shoes with a low broad heel are a more comfortable option. I must look some out! On second thoughts my achy, creaky body could be the result of overdoing the gardening – but at least I’m being active which is good for my health.