Want to lose weight? Embrace the cold!

The temperature has dropped and winter is looming but it’s time to turn down the central heating and leave your coat at home. Research into brown adipose tissue (BAT) is growing as a means of managing weight and preventing weight related disorders such as type 2 diabetes. There is a growing understanding that BAT isContinue reading “Want to lose weight? Embrace the cold!”

Understanding collagen

You’ve probably noticed that the word collagen is everywhere! Promoted on social media and endorsed by big name celebrities. In recent years, collagen has gained popularity as a nutritional supplement and an ingredient in beauty products. But what is it and do you really need it? To fully understand collagen, how it works and theContinue reading “Understanding collagen”

How to choose your personal healthy diet by Dr. Sarah Schenker

Meals 500-700 calories, 30-40g protein Choose your protein food – approximately fist sized 150g poultry – chicken, turkey, lean duck 150-200g white fish – e.g. cod, haddock, coley, sea bass, hake, pollack, (no more than 150g for tinned and fresh tuna) 150g oily fish – salmon, trout, sardines, pilchards, herrings, mackerel 150g shellfish – crab,Continue reading “How to choose your personal healthy diet by Dr. Sarah Schenker”

Eat seasonally by Dr. Sarah Schenker

As we enter the last month of spring and approach the summer, we will notice a real change in what fruit and veg are available in the shops and supermarkets. The end of spring and beginning of summer is when most of UK fruit and veg come into season, from asparagus and new potatoes toContinue reading “Eat seasonally by Dr. Sarah Schenker”

Hydration sensation by Dr. Sarah Schenker

 Proper hydration is crucial for overall health. Are you getting it right? Dr Sarah Schenker, Dietician, Liiv Health Sciences, answers key questions.  Q: How much liquid should an adult woman drink every day? A: The European Food Safety Authority recommends women in general should have a minimum intake of two litres of water per day,Continue reading “Hydration sensation by Dr. Sarah Schenker”