Chainsaw-Wielding President Sparks Falklands Frenzy:

Every time anything politically significant happens in Argentina, Britain’s attention turns inevitably to the Falkland Islands. This historic legacy of the days of Empire, a British territory since 1833, is an archipelago languishing in the South Atlantic some 300 miles off the coast of South America. There are 778 islands in the Falklands, but only twoContinue reading “Chainsaw-Wielding President Sparks Falklands Frenzy:”

Lt. Col Stuart Crawford joins Nana Akua to share his thoughts on the pro-Palestine protests taking place in London on Armistice Day

  Lt Col Stuart Crawford is a defence analyst and former army officer. Sign up for his podcasts and newsletters at     Loading… Lt Col Stuart Crawford’s latest book Tank Commander (Hardback) is available now http://www.DefenceReview.UK @peoplemattertv @509298

Rafah Revisited

Rafah, a Palestinian city on the southern edge of the Gaza strip, has been much in the news recently. It is split into an Egyptian side and a Gazan side, with the centre destroyed to create a buffer zone and separated by barbed wire barriers. It is also the location of the only functioning borderContinue reading “Rafah Revisited”

Biden and Sunak Strongly Back Israel, IDF Prepares for Gaza Offensive

Last week saw a flurry of diplomatic activity as US President Joe Biden and UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, among others, visited the Middle East as the Gaza crisis unfolded. Both were very clear in their support for Israel in the aftermath of the Hamas terrorist outrages of 7th September and the abduction of IsraeliContinue reading “Biden and Sunak Strongly Back Israel, IDF Prepares for Gaza Offensive”

Britain ‘one of few’ able to deploy carriers globally

By George Allison – The Defence Select Committee recently heard evidence on the operational readiness and challenges of the British Armed Forces. The session featured discussions with Admiral Sir Ben Key, First Sea Lord, and Rear Admiral Steve Moorhouse, Director Force Generation of the Royal Navy, highlighting the strengths and areas for concern within theContinue reading “Britain ‘one of few’ able to deploy carriers globally”

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