How on earth do you “lose” an F-35

ANYTHING the UK can do the USA can do better. Britain’s Royal Marines recently lost an SA 80 rifle during a training exercise on Dartmoor, so the US Marine Corps lost an F-35B jet over South Carolina. At the time of writing the rifle is still missing but the debris of the plane has nowContinue reading “How on earth do you “lose” an F-35”

IronVison looks to the future for Tank Commanders

  Situational awareness has long been crucial for tank commanders. Knowing what’s going on a round you in the smoke and noise of battle, and knowing where your enemy is, gives commanders an edge over their adversaries in situations where seconds can mean the difference between life and death. Commanding a tank is difficult atContinue reading “IronVison looks to the future for Tank Commanders”

Potential for space-based manufacturing is announced

A collaboration has been signed to manufacture semi conductors in space, a move which will enhance the value of multiple ground-to-space operations. The companies are Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE: NOC) and Space Forge, a British space company headquartered in Cardiff. The global semiconductor industry is anticipated to grow to US$1 trillion in revenues by 2030,Continue reading “Potential for space-based manufacturing is announced”

Huge leap in wireless communications, using LIGHT WAVES is announced!

LiFi technology represents a ground-breaking leap in wireless communications, utilising light waves to enable wireless communications. With near-zero electromagnetic (EM) signature, LiFi ensures inherently secure data transmission, nearly eliminating the risk of detection and interception. LiFi offers fast, reliable, and undetectable wireless communications in both tactical and office environments and for use cases across applicationsContinue reading “Huge leap in wireless communications, using LIGHT WAVES is announced!”

New Report Reveals $25.6B Surge in 8×8 Wheeled Armoured Vehicle Spending

As global tensions intensify following the Russo-Ukraine conflict, the armoured vehicle market is undergoing a monumental shift, with an anticipated $25.6 billion investment in 8×8 wheeled vehicles by 2035. Driven by the Russo-Ukraine conflict, armoured vehicle spending is enjoying a global renaissance. Hidden behind the big-ticket, high-profile main battle tank and tracked IFV programmes, theContinue reading “New Report Reveals $25.6B Surge in 8×8 Wheeled Armoured Vehicle Spending”

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