Inzpire delivers modernised training scenarios to the Royal Navy’s Fleet Operational Standards and Training Ships [FOST] organisation.

The training programme is an immersive and realistic training scenario which will allow FOST to better train warships to conduct high-end, task-group-centred warfighting as a principal warfare commander, against a peer or near peer adversary.
The new, modernised scenario means FOST will be able to challenge its training audiences – including UK, NATO and multi-national warships – in a more diverse and demanding manner, across the full spectrum of constant competition, crisis and conflict. However, the modernised scenario extends far beyond just maritime training: Inzpire’s Maritime Division was able to draw on wider subject matter expertise from the company’s cyber and space divisions, as well Inzpire teams embedded within 92 Sqn and the Air and Space Warfare Centre to produce realistic scenario hooks in non-maritime domains.
Captain Andrew Canale MVO RN, Captain FOST (Ships) said: “This change is long overdue. I am pleased with the way my team in FOST (Ships) combined with Inzpire to develop a new, modern and contemporary strategic exercise scenario that better reflects the world we live in today, and prepares our ships and those of our international partners for the operational challenges of tomorrow. This work has been a significant undertaking, conducted over several months and to an excellent standard.”

This scenario modernisation project is the latest in a long line of maritime projects which Inzpire has supported the RN and wider defence stakeholders with. In the last twelve months, Inzpire has worked on the Platform Enabled Training Concept (PETC) distributed synthetic concept demonstration for The Carrier Strike Group; and Exercise Sharpshooter, which involved the firing of live ammunition from medium and close-range weapons against remote controlled surface vessels.

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