Company claims Supacat’s Common Base Platform will be ‘integral’ to the British Army’s ‘Modernisation of Equipment’

As the British Army gears up to meet one of the MoD Land Industrial Strategy’s (LIS), Devon-based Supacat believes it will play a crucial ongoing role. The British Army seeks to rationalise its current fleet of land mobility platforms from 35 to 15

Supacat received an order from MOD for a further 70 of its HMT systems in February this year. These common base platforms can be fitted with mission modules to fulfil a variety of roles and agile operational needs as the Army makes this important transition.

This, Supacat says, is ‘integral’ to the Army’s rationalisation of its fleet by 2035, given the directive to maximise collaboration between the MoD, the Army and wider industry. Phil Applegarth director, head of Supacat, said: “In a rapidly changing world, one of increased threats from land and air, it is vital that modern armies acquire the simplicity and flexibility afforded by versatile mobility platforms that share common or interchangeable parts to simplify supply, maintenance and logistics and enhance combat effectiveness. While the LIS itself is relatively new, Supacat has a 40-year pedigree of pioneering modular solutions for the British Army, enabling a variety of vehicle types to meet operational requirements and in-theatre needs.

“Our Mk 2 common base modular platform, can be easily re-rolled during its lifecycle through update, upkeep, upgrade, offering the value and flexibility required to support the modernisation of equipment objective within the strategy, and of course paving a smoother fleet transition for the MoD and the Army.”

Attendance at DSEI comes at a very busy time for Supacat. Following the Army’s requirement earlier this year for The Jackal 3, Supacat in collaboration with Babcock International Group Plc, production is in full flow and set to meet the required delivery targets. The order could potentially rise to 240 should operational requirements demand.

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