Labour Promises To Re-Arm Britain – a qualified response from Lt Col Crawford – who’s heard it all before ….


  • Addresses Tory sclerosis approach to defence now
  • Echoing Ben Wallace’s criticism
  • “renew the nation’s moral contract with those who serve”
  • root and branch reform of the MoD’s defence procurement procedures
  • increase in defence spending over
  • BUT
  • Where’s the money coming from???

Following Shadow Secretary of State for Defence John Healey MP’s speech to the Labour Party Conference, ex-army officer and defence commentator Lt Col Stuart Crawford had this to say:

“It is heartening to see John Healey and the Labour party trying to address many of the criticisms of the current government’s sclerotic approach to defence before the next General Election.  In doing so he is promising to answer some of the problems former Tory Defence Secretary Ben Wallace raised, namely the hollowing out of Britain’s armed services and the need to re-establish a credible military-defence manufacturing capability in the UK.

Plus, most importantly, he addressed the very real requirement to “renew the nation’s moral contract with those who serve and create a strong independent champion for our forces and their families.” Better conditions of service will be central to achieving this.

Finally, he proposes a root and branch reform of the MoD’s defence procurement procedures processes which is long overdue, and an increase in defence spending overall, although tellingly he did not commit to a target percentage of GDP.

All good stuff, but the crucial question remains; where’s the money coming from?”

Lt Col Stuart Crawford is a defence analyst and former army officer. Sign up for his podcasts and newsletters at



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