America clears transfer of 24 F-16s to Argentina

The U.S. State Department has cleared the transfer of 24 F-16s from Denmark to Argentina.

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Regional Security in the State Department, Mira Resnick, delivered the letter approving the transfer to Jorge Argüello, Argentina’s ambassador to United States on Oct. 11, according to local media.

Also cleared was the transfer of four P-3 maritime patrol aircraft from Norway to Argentina.  According to La Nacion here:

The United States gave the green light to a sale of 24 F-16 fighter aircraft equipped with air-to-air missiles from Denmark to Argentina and is working on a financing package for 40 million dollars to facilitate the purchase by the government Argentina, an operation of enormous geopolitical impact in which Washington competes directly with China, which has offered the sale of JF-17 aircraft from Pakistan.

The Government must now decide whether to carry out this operation, whether to accept China’s offer, or whether to postpone any decision to modernize the Air Force and Navy fleet. In addition to the F-16 sale, the US government also paved the way for a purchase of four P-3 aircraft from Norway.”

Resnick clarified that the transfer does not require approval from the United Kingdom, which has maintained a veto on Argentina for purchasing military equipment since the Falklands War, because no components require British approval.

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