Crawford’s International Defence Review w/c 15th August 2022


Ukraine Update

  • Russia transferring troops to the south and the Kherson regions
  • Or is the Ukraine’s plan to attack elsewhere?
  • And is it the American long-range HIMARS or tanks and infantry that will win the war?

British Army Has More Horses Than Tanks

  • Is Britain capable of defending itself?
  • British army numbers drop to 72,500 by 2025
  • And British Army has more horses than tanks  – 485 versus 227

The SNP and Trident

  • SNP for an independent Scotland to join NATO,
  • But SNP is also pledged to rid Scotland of nuclear weapons
  • So the Trident D5 missile carried on the UK’s four nuclear-armed submarines is now in question.

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3 thoughts on “Crawford’s International Defence Review w/c 15th August 2022

  1. The UK hasn`t had an Indepedant Foreign Policy since 1965; when Harold Wilson Refused to send British Troops to Vietnam. We have been America`s Poodle ever since. We have sent British Troops to Fight in America`s Oil Wars ever since. Now, we are helping America`s Military and Financial efforts to Humble Russia and China. We are leading NATO`s Puppets to Start a War Based on the Ukraine to Enrich the US “Merchants of Death”.

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