AERALIS announce new revolutionary aircraft design

Today, 12th September 2023, AERALIS unveiled the designs for the first variants of their revolutionary modular light jet aircraft including its Advanced Jet Trainer which will be the first design to go into production. This next-generation design of the Common Core Fuselage (CCF) will be the backbone of the company’s future aircraft fleet.

Key elements of the new design include:

•  A first-of-a-kind wing architecture that performs at high and low speeds including transonic capability.
•  A redesigned fuselage shape to increase aerodynamics and room for additional electronic warfare capabilities or additional fuel capacity.
•  A modular cockpit design to include single and dual seat configurations with the future potential of uncrewed operation.
•  A full combat radar in the aircraft’s nose cone to provide active use for training and combat operations.

This new aircraft will feature a sleek design, providing room for additional fuel supply alongside electronic capabilities to increase the aircraft’s resilience and maintainability whilst providing overall performance gains. Changes to the aircraft fuselage design and new wings will remove the need for bespoke landing gear seen in the previous iteration. This development means the aircraft will use commercial off-the-shelf landing gear which increases maintainability, further reducing the aircrafts’ maintenance costs.

AERALIS’s modular cockpit also provides a wide range of functions. The single-seat configuration will offer additional room to fit Electromagnetic Warfare (EW) capabilities or additional fuel payload, whilst the dual seat adds an additional pilot. Alongside this, the implementation of a full combat radar in the nose cone of the aircraft offers both combat effectiveness for ISTAR and EW configurations, as well as real-world preparation when used during training.

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