New Report Reveals $25.6B Surge in 8×8 Wheeled Armoured Vehicle Spending

As global tensions intensify following the Russo-Ukraine conflict, the armoured vehicle market is undergoing a monumental shift, with an anticipated $25.6 billion investment in 8×8 wheeled vehicles by 2035.

Driven by the Russo-Ukraine conflict, armoured vehicle spending is enjoying a global renaissance. Hidden behind the big-ticket, high-profile main battle tank and tracked IFV programmes, the 8×8 wheeled armoured vehicle appears set to receive a similar focus over the next six years.

Steve Griessel, Group CEO of Paramount, commented: “This surge in armoured vehicle spending underscores the changing dynamics of global defence. Drawing from our three-decade legacy of crafting solutions in the world’s most challenging environments, Paramount’s Mbombe armoured vehicle family exemplifies the innovative, adaptable solutions the world urgently needs.”

The report brings to the fore multiple findings on the future of the 8×8 armoured vehicle market, specifically the ever-increasing importance of Rapid Strategic Mobility, demand for armoured C2 vehicles, and the potential for 8×8 wheeled platforms to replace medium/light tanks in African/South American markets.

Defence Insight’s market report shows forecast spending of $25.6 billion on 8×8 vehicle programmes between 2022 and 2035. Notably, the figures for tracked armoured vehicles and main battle tanks are significantly higher, with planned investments of $62.2 billion and $84 billion, respectively.

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