Indonesian Government acquires new UK built Submarine Rescue System in $100m contract

Lancashire, UK – 12th September 2023: Submarine Manufacturing and Products Ltd (SMP), a leading UK based manufacturer and supplier of diving and subsea rescue equipment, will provide its new Submarine Rescue System (SRS) to the Indonesian Navy. The SRS will be hosted on a mothership designed by independent design and engineering consultancy Houlder and delivered by its Indonesian strategic partner, BTI Defence.

The three-year build contract will include the UK design and manufacture of the SRS, centred around SMP’s new market-leading SRV-F Mk3 rescue submersible. The custom build of the mothership will take place in region, along with the associated expert training for the Indonesian Navy who will operate the system when it is in service.

The SMP SRV-F Mk3 has been developed by the new SMP management team, consisting of seven of the world’s foremost submarine rescue experts. As a hybrid system which is capable of deployment both by air and on its mothership, the SRV-F Mk3 can react to a wide range of emergency scenarios, covering larger operating areas and minimising Time To First Rescue (TTFR).

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