SEA announces a trainable decoy launcher a ‘step-change’ in countermeasures technology

Successful collaboration between Cohort Plc group companies, the system provides effective protection against advanced above and below water threats

12 September 2023: Leading UK ship and fleet protection specialist SEA has launched Ancilia, a high-performance trainable decoy launcher system to protect surface platforms from increasingly advanced missile and torpedo threats.

Ancilia is a highly modular and flexible maritime countermeasures solution delivering effective and rapid protection against modern dynamic threats, such as hypersonic and ballistic missiles. A step-change in decoy launcher technology from traditional fixed solutions, Ancilia’s trainable nature, removes the need to manoeuvre the vessel and it’s relative small size enables it to be fitted to a wide range of maritime platforms.

Capable of a rapid movement and offering support for a multitude of surface and subsurface countermeasure effectors, the system can counter a wide range of threats quickly and effectively. With a decoy-agnostic open architecture, the system can launch any standard 130mm NATO decoy, and other calibres of effectors, and can be retrofitted onto existing platforms and integrated with existing Combat Management Systems (CMS) and third-party Electronic Support Systems (ESM). Drawing upon on SEA’s Combat System expertise, Ancilia uses modern electronics, mechanical systems and software and requires minimal deck footprint in comparison to other systems of its nature.

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