Huge leap in wireless communications, using LIGHT WAVES is announced!

LiFi technology represents a ground-breaking leap in wireless communications, utilising light waves to enable wireless communications. With near-zero electromagnetic (EM) signature, LiFi ensures inherently secure data transmission, nearly eliminating the risk of detection and interception. LiFi offers fast, reliable, and undetectable wireless communications in both tactical and office environments and for use cases across applications on sea, land, air and space.

“LiFi technology, is a leap in innovation, that unleashes a new age of secure wireless communications for defence. With light as our medium, we go beyond the boundaries of traditional wireless, providing fast, reliable, and undetectable solutions for the defence industry. At pureLiFi, we have been striving to transform communications for defence since launching the Kitefin System in 2021, and today, we’re excited to bring this game-changing technology to organisations worldwide.” – Alistair Banham, CEO of pureLiFi.

pureLiFi is the global leader in LiFi technology. They are bringing to market the world’s first commercial light antennas—the optoelectronic components which make LiFi possible—for all kinds of devices, from industrial to consumer, and from smart cars to smartphones.

pureLiFi also offers LiFi systems for customers who need to augment, enhance, or transform their wireless networks with the latest in wireless communications technology.

pureLiFi was founded by the “Father of LiFi” Prof Harald Haas and Dr Mostafa Afgani in 2012. Based in Edinburgh, we have customers and partners worldwide.

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