New Horizons

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it”
W.H.Murray – The Scottish Himalayan Expedition
The Active Ageing project called; “Winning the Generation Game: Improving Opportunities for People aged 50 – 65 in Work and Community Activity” was set up by the Prime Minister in 1999 and the results published in 2000. The project consulted the Government and sources throughout the country looking for advice, and came up with suggested solutions to the problems which included;
• changing the culture
• enabling and encouraging over 50’s to stay in work
• helping and encouraging displaced workers to re-enter work
• helping older people make use of their skills and experience for the benefit of the wider community.

See The Person

These days the world seems to be obsessed by beauty and looking good, but to my mid being healthy and happy is more important. If you put health to the forefront of priorities then many aspects of beauty follow on naturally. One thing I would never do is go under the knife for aesthetic reasons in order to hold onto youthful looks. I’ve had my fair share of surgery from past health problems to even consider that.


Redundancy is devastating and often happens when least expected. Sadly it continues to happen to thousands in this turbulent economic crisis turning an ever increasing number of people’s lives upside down. A man I spoke to recently told me “I felt numbness and incredulity and an initial sense of isolation – it affected my self esteem. I hadn’t expected it, I was so shocked. I felt disappointed and cheated.”

Reflections On Ageing

At 19 I started working voluntarily with a charity for older people in Bristol. For the past 22 years I’ve been a member of Stage for Age, the show business arm of Help the Aged, and work voluntarily to raise funds and awareness of older people’s issues. We live longer these days, but we need to be as healthy as possible to enjoy those extra years, so the work of Help the Aged/Research into Ageing plays a vital role.

5 Top Tips For Health And Beauty

STRESS is an instinctive reaction for self-survival it automatically switches your body to a state of red alert. You feel fear and your senses sharpen – hormones flood into your bloodstream. You breathe more deeply, your heart rate soars and your muscles tense ready for action. Some stress is an essential part of everyday life and helps keep us out of danger. For example we need to be alert when we cross the road. But sometimes we all feel we can’t cope with our stress, even simple things make us “blow a fuse”. Know the difference – this is distress and is detrimental to your health. Pent-up feelings push up blood pressure and put a strain on the whole body including the heart. So learn not to panic and find ways to reduce your stress levels